NAEM publishes the following materials on a regular basis:


Manuals for FTC

NAEM published five training manuals for the trainees of FTC under the UNECO Participation Program. The titles of the new five manuals are : Bangladesh (1st part), Public Administration (1st part), Public Administration (2nd part), Development Economics (1st part) and Computer and Information Technology (1st part) above mentioned. Other modules will be published shortly.

Subject-based Training Manuals
To make the Subject-based training effective and to achieve qualitative development of the training programme, NAEM has publishised the following five subject-based training manuals under the financial assistance of SESIP.
. Physics
. Chemistry
. Computer Science
. Mathematics
. Communicative English
How to Make School Better
The revised version of the book was published. The publication is meant for the headteachers at the secondary level institutions for better management of their educational institutions
How to Make College Better
This year also witnessed publication of the revised version of the manual titled How to Make Collese Better for the principals at the hisher secondary level institutions.
Concept and Contents of NAEM Training Program
This is a documentary handbook containins the curriculum and contents of different training activities organised by NAEM over the years. The book gives an overall outline of the courses conducted by NAEM under GOB funds and MOE sponsored programs like orientation courses for newly recruited subject based govt. school teachers, NCTB- sponsored subject based training courses for higher secondary level teachers. It also gives an idea about the courses organised by NAEM under the sponsorship of different development projects. The book also introduces NAEM's collaboration with SESIP, FSSP, FSSAP, NCTB, HSTTI.


An Era of Training in NAEM

For the first time, Training Division of NAEM takes the initiative to publish a training report covering a period of last 13 years. Though with the passage of time some of the data and statistics may have slipped out of records, the dedicated faculties made tireless effort in hunting them up and putting in right places.

The book presents a nice glimpse of the summary of the courses held at NAEM, HSTTI and BIAM under different revenue and development budget between 1991 and 2003. It also highlights the course particulars which include title, level of participants, duration, objectives, contents and methodology of each course.



List of the Participants of Foundation Training

Planning and Development Division of NAEM for the first time published the book in two volumes with the information of participants of different Foundation Training Courses held at NAEM during the period 1988 - 2003. This effort would be very much helpful to collect information of the participants of the Foundation Training Courses held between the period mentioned above.


Term Papers

NAEM published a book of selected Term Papers of the foundation trainees submitted during their stay at NAEM.