About NAEM
National Academy for Educational Management (NAEM)



National Academy for Educational Management (NAEM) is an apex institution under the Ministry of Education entrusted with the responsibility of training heads of educational institutions and education functionaries. In addition, it provides foundation training to the new entrants of Bangladesh Civil Service (General & Technical) Education Cadre Officers. It offers courses on education management, planning and administration, conducts educational research and provides policy support to the Ministry of Education.


Historical Background


The National Academy for Educational Management (NAEM) is an apex institution in the fields of Educational Administration and Management, Educational Planning and Research in Bangladesh. It was established in 1959 as Education Extension Center responsible primarily for pedagogic in-service training of secondary school teachers. The center underwent several roles and structural transformations during the last four decades to meet the changing needs of time and the system of education in the country.


The metamorphosis of NAEM dates back to 1959 when it was established as Education Extension Center. After the emergence of Bangladesh, the center was upgraded and entitled as Bangladesh Education Extension and Research Institute (BEERI) in 1975. The BEERI was entrusted with additional responsibility for research and management training of education functionaries including College and Madrasah teachers and administrators.


In order to minimize the cost of education and promote effective educational management, the National Institute of Educational Management and Research (NIEMR) was amalgamated with BEERI and renamed as the National Institute for Education Administration Extension and Research (NIEAER) in 1982. The NIEAER once again transform to National Academy for Educational Management (NAEM) for satisfying the needs of quality management of educational institutions in 1992. The Academy aims at developing as a center of excellence in the field educational administration and management training in Bangladesh.



NAEM has a self-contained complex of physical facilities e.g. Administrative and Academic Buildings, Library, Information Center, Auditorium, Classrooms, Seminar/Conference Rooms, Cafeteria, Residential Quarters, Hostels, Mosque and so on.


The Director General (DG) is the chief executive of NAEM. 4 Directors, 7 Deputy Directors, 16 Assistant Directors, 26 Training Specialists, 9 other Officers and 78 Staff to run the academic and administrative activities support him.


The Academy conducts six basic training courses as priority basis. These are (a) Foundation Training Course for BCS Education (General & Technical) Cadre Officers (b) Senior Staff Course on Education and Management (SSCEM) for Professors of different subjects (C) Advance Course on Education and Management (ACEM) for Associate Professors of different subjects of different government colleges (d) Educational Administration and Management Course for Principals and Heads of Secondary and Higher level institutions (e) Educational Research Methodology Course for selected members of BCS Education (General? & Technical) Cadre Officers and (f) Education Planning and Development Training Course.


Aims and Objectives


The aim of NAEM is to ensure quality management of education at all levels of post primary education.


Specific Objectives


  • To provide professional and technical support to the education sector for improving institutional capacity on education management and administration.

To promote increased efficiency and effectiveness on the management and administration of the post-primary education sub-sector.